SKOGTROLDET wj the cook, the monotonous wild in the forest, - has put his stamp on it us, we became a piece of the same nature. We love it as it is strong and cumbersome. We have stared up the rushing firs and pine trees as a child. We have followed the mighty tribes with eyes' and with soul, have climbed about between the strong angry arms and ended up in the highest peaks, in the swinging rushing peaks, up in the delicious blue.

When the sun went down, loneliness and silence spread the long nuts, quiet and dense. It was as if they weren't waving that dragon, as if the forest was in silent silence. Then hammered it into our heart. We wanted more, we tigged and prayed about adventure, strong wild adventures, for us poor children.

And the forest gave us the adventure.

Large and quiet, it came as a creeping thing, as on soft silent cat fødder. Everything that before stood petrified quietly began to move.

There, a mountaineer jumps forward. Wonder and anxiety interwoven say about it: It got eyes to laugh at walked in standing silence right at us! And we rejoiced in the fear, we loved it!

It was the forest troll. In his only big eye, he bore us all the horror and horror, all the gold and glittering glory as ours child souls demanded.

We wanted to be scared - and we wanted to defy! So little we were, we would tear him, cut him in the heel and rob his gold. But most of all, we wanted the bright eye that he had forehead. Who would have thought that the ugly forest troll really belonged an eye!

Inside the eye glittered and shone like the clear one in the middle of If you went and didn't think about it, lay that way wonderfully shining in it. The forest pelvis riddled with silver shearing ocr silvery tones, the fir tree blossomed with blushing cones, and even the poor moss on the rocks swelled for you with a wealth and color splendor, so you threw yourself into it in degree as to one the mother's breast.

You quiet, deep forest, we love you as you are; strong and melancholy. You lovely children's picture book: Ekornet, which gnaws on the pine cone, the meat lovers up in the pine trees - the teddy bear, as a buzzard inside the hollow And the forest troll then! that comes running head high above the tree tops - "Bu, bu!"