AT THE WAY TO GILD IN THE TROLD LOT 1 should be a guild in the troll castle. But the way was long; and then they joined together for the sake of company, Trond and Kaare and Ivar the Fire Purse and Baard and Bobben on the mushroom and old Guri Suppetryne. It carried mountains and meadows and long forests. spruce and pine stood close as heather and was so tall that they ate them in the middle life. The worst was for Guri, who had the niche box to pull on. But if they didn't run straight before about a hundred years, they came in time, so they had time for themselves. The tall dark aes were so long-lasting. The kailers harked and humming a bit, the kids stared with big eyes, and Guri subbed afterwards and sutred. But the sorcerers just took a while in the broken one occasionally; and when the road was at its worst, they held each other in the ass, and then they labbed again. Finally, it suffered so far that It was time to rest a little. But when they got up again, they could They didn't even agree on the way. Trond thought it was right to go after what the nose pointed to, and Ivar the fire pouch tied up that it went best when they just went backwards - the more backwards, the better. Then Guri took charge of carrying the bag again: day by day, it became heavier and heavier and niched less and "less in it. But they had to, both she and they OE OE others, and then they hit a path where they could see that where went troll before; it lay like a deep furrow over all the aes. "Up in a grove of trees, Bobben stumbled on the mushroom and in the fall he broke his one foot. Yes - yes, it could get worse! Then they let the foot lie and labbed further. Oh oh At long last they came to a place where one also lay abort foot. It was always a comfort to Bobben; it is so well know that one is not one about the accident here in the world. But They seemed nice now that it was. But when they had gone farther than far, they found one more, and it seemed they were even nicer. Bobben began to draw celebrity on it. "Trond!" He said. "Hi?" Said Trond. "I mean, be mine!" Then they realized that they had been ringing for a hundred years. Everything that before stood petrified quietly began to move.

Then Kaare took his foot and threw it across the pile so that it dumped down into a pond, and it is still lying there. But Guri Suppetryne Carried so badly for the box, it had gnawed a big hole in the back her. Now he was able to carry it, thought she. But then the garbage was old, that she lost her balance and went on the head when they took the bag off her. No, it was probably the same, that she got it again; without it it was as if the whole back was gone. Finally, they were on the right path. Far away, over the dark forest ash and deep blues, something flimsy like a star. The shuddered and shivered in strange shine, sometimes white, so golden, so again leafy or green. The old sorcerers nodded to each other, they knew they should find their way. There was the troll castle. The eyes grew larger and larger on the witch cubs. So very nice They had never known there were in the world. Oh no, so be it! Think, the castle was of gold. It glittered and reflected in silence deep water, and around it lined silver ducks and swims and dukked. There sounded drunk and loud of dancing and gold harps, and in them dark spruce peaks sang it and sang. In there sat the waterfall and played on fists so that the strings shattered. The hollow swings in dance, so her cowardice robbed the ears of the guests. Around the walls sat huge trolls and garden basins and drank beer and meadows of golden horns and large æmbarer. The Nissans held a reply house, made a thousand lashes, splashed in the pants and were guys. Then they fought and tense fox hooks and drew finger hooks with each other, it should knaged in the fingers. Above the big dark aases around it came flaming long trains with strange shapes. Some were so old that it grew mosses and small bushes on them, others so old and crouched aging that they looked like angry pine nuts and had to be carried. The knaged and braged and rasled, it pusted and snowed; for all wild in the team, into gold and shine, into the Soria Moria castle, which lay there and shaking with light and quivering tones.