Team Building Activities

The activities have been collated into groups under primary headings, such as Ice breakers, Passing time or Team-building. Some require a little setup, some require some props, have a read and fully understand the simple instructions before you engage a group for the first time.

Ice breakers

Make sure that you change this up from time to time. Try something new. You will likely be using these ice breakers to storm a group into a team and create some norms. If you are using tired old tried and tested methods, you run the risk of introducing the group to a tired and dusty feeling instructor.

Use these activities to relax the group, and allow them the space to get to know each other and you.

Human knot

Aim: Untangle the know without letting go.

Number of people: Works best with groups of approximately ten people

How it works: 1. Everyone stands shoulder to shoulder in a circle 2. Everyone places both hands into the middle of the circle * They can't holds hands with the person next to them * They can't hold hands with the same person 3. The group must untie the know without breaking the chain

Progressions: Some members of the group can be blindfolded The group are not allowed to speak


Aim: For the group to order themselves in particular ways.

Number of people: Whole team

How it works: 1. Stand the group in a line/between lines. If a bench is available, stand everyone on this. 2. Tell them what order you want them to get into, e.g. * Height * Birthday * Shoe size 3. When they rearrange themselves, they must not step out of the area/off the bench.

Progressions: * The group is not allowed to speak.

True or False

Aim: For the team members to deliver a fact. The rest of the group have to decide whether the fact is true or false.

Number of people: Whole team.

How it works: 1. Sit the group in a circle. 2. In turn, each member tells the group one fact about themselves. It doesn't necessarily have to be true! 3. The gropu have to decide whether the statement is true or falce.


Number of people:

How it works: 1.

Progressions: *